ChocToxVM is a toxicity calculator for dogs and other pets. It has three calculators and a Toxin Notes section. Two of the calculators provide different ways of calculating chocolate toxicity. The third calculator is for use with other types of toxins such as pills or liquids.

One of the chocolate calculators provides a list of brand name chocolate products from which you can choose, then you can modify the quantity, enter the pets weight and calculate the level of toxicity. The other chocolate toxicity calculator uses generic chocolate types (such as Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate) to calculate the level of toxicity.

There are two flavors of the ChocTox app. The Lite version is free and the Pro version is paid. The Pro version allows the user to modify the databases that store the lists brand name chocolates and generic chocolates. Most of the information that comes installed with the app was gleaned from either the Hershey web site or the Self Nutrition Data web site. The Pro version also allows user to edit the Toxin Notes database that comes with the app.


Available in Android Market