Thank you for visiting our Android Apps site. ZP Systems, Inc. is a software development company located in Park Hills, Kentucky. Currently we are working on a number of apps for Android phones and tablets.

Our first published app is DoseCalcVM, a dosage calculator for veterinary professionals. It is actually two calculators: one for single dosage and one for constant rate infusions (CRI). This application can be downloaded from the Android Marketplace.

We have another veterinary app called ChocToxVM, which is shorthand for chocolate toxicity. This is another calculator product that helps vets determine the toxicity level for pets who have ingested chocolate and other harmful substances. There is both a Lite (free) and Pro (paid) version of this app. The paid version allows users to edit all of the lists and notes maintained by the app.

We just published a third veterinary app called KibbleCalcVM. This app calculates the daily calorie requirements of cats or dogs based on weight and activity level. It also shows the needed serving sizes for various kinds of food (such as kibbles). This app also has a Lite and a Pro version. Once again the paid version allows users to edit all of the lists maintained by the app.


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